Hi, I’m Stu 37, I'm based in Hull, East Yorkshire.


After buying my first semi professional camera it didn’t take me long to realise that photography was something I enjoyed more and more each time. I soon found myself organizing specific portfolio shoots as apposed to just using the camera when needed.


I upgraded my studio equipment, trying to keep up with the latest technology allowing me to get more and more creative with my photography. From starting in a lounge with one white backdrop for photoshoots I now have my very own multi-set photography studio with professionally kitted lighting equipment, various sets and a tonne of passion, creative and modern ideas aswell as exceptional editing/airbrushing skills.

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Hull Photographer

Family Portraits - Model Portfolios - Baby Photography

Multi-Set Studio - Hull Photography Studio

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My camera now travels with me where ever I go and I do my very best to compose and capture images at any given excuse. I love editing just as much as photography and love being able to turn my photos into an art form.


My work ranges from Family Portraits and Baby Photography to model portfolios and so much more.


I can also offer a makeup artist and hair stylist prior to the photoshoot as I have my own team.

As part of the makeup artist and hair stylist package you will be offered a free consultation to discuss ideas of makeup and hair; either in person or online/telephone.


If you have any queries or questions regarding my work please do get in touch - use our contact form


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